Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 16 Minute Survey

I was tagged by Melinda! This is pretty long but it looks like fun.

Starting Time:

Name: Belle

Sisters: 2

Brothers: 1

What are you wearing? Pink polo shirt with denim skirt.

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Drink: Tea or Water

Favorite Month: April

Favorite Breakfast: Fruit

Love someone so much who made you cry? Yes.

Broken a bone: Yes. My arm.

Been in a police car: I'm proud to say I never have!

Been on a boat? Never. I hate water.

Came close to dying: No. Praise God.

Been in a hot tub: Yes.

Swam in the ocean: No. And I hope I never will.

Fallen asleep in school: I'm homeschooled, and yes.

Cried when someone died: Yes. It was my aunt and we were very close.

Fallen off your chair: Yes. Though not often.
***********What is****************

Your room like? Its Sky blue. There me and my sister share it, but we have separate beds. Its big so we have plenty of space.

What’s right beside you?
My sister.

What is the last thing you ate?

--------------------------Ever Had----------------------------

Chicken pox: Yes.

Sore throat: Yes.

Stitches: Yes.

-------------------Do You--------------------------------------

Like picnics? Yes of course!

Like School? Some of it


Who was the last person you danced with?
My brother.

Who makes you smile? My family, and very close friends.

Who Did you last yell at? My sister. She let my bird out of its cage

Do you like filling these out?
Sure its fun

Do you like yourself?
Not all of the time.
-------------------Final Questions---------------------------

What are you listening to right now? Classical Music

Do you hate someone in your family?
No. We all love each other. Even though my sister let the bird out of the cage.

What car do you wish to have?
I would sooner have another Horse.

Good singer?
I like to think I am, though I would never be an America Idol!

Indoors or outdoors?
----------------------------Today did you---------------------

1. Talk to someone you like? Yes. My family, my kindred spirit, and God.

2. Get sick? Not today.

3. Sing? Yes. A number of things.

4. Miss someone? No.
--------------------------Last person who---------------------

7. You talked to on the phone with? My kindred spirit

8. Made you cry? My sister when she let the bird out of its cage.

9. Went to the mall with? My mom.

10. Been to Europe? Yes

11. Been to Asia? No.

12. Been to Russia? No.

13. Been to the Bahamas? No.

14. Been to Mexico? No.

15. Been to Canada? Yes.

16. Been to Africa? No.

17. What books are you reading right now? The Bible, Pride & Prejudice,

18. Best feeling in the world? God's Love, though it is much more than a feeling.

19. Future kids name? I have not given it much thought.

20. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No.

21. What's under your bed? Books, and Paper

22. Favorite location? Church, New Zealand, and of course there's no place like home.

23. Who do you really hate? Satan.

24. Do you have a job? Servant of the Lord, Child of God, Future Wife and Mother, Sister, Daughter, and friend.

25. Are you lonely right now? Not at all.

Time Finished: 1:16

If anyone else wishes to do their own survey on there own blog feel free.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"For Fashion's Sake!"

I was shopping at the mall the other day when I came across a shirt I really liked! It was cheap, and it was pink(my favorite color), and even though it was very low I could always wear something under it. I took it to the dressing room, but I couldn't seem to reach the button. So, I asked this girl who was trying on a dress(very short dress, and was strapless), to button for me. We chatted for a little while and the she said that the shirt was real cute. I told her thank you, but I was sure to wear something under it. Then right after that she asked "Why?" I said "Because if I didn't, it would not exactly be modest." It was then where she exclaimed "For Fashion's sake girl, modest is out! You gotta get with it!"

Its really sad actually. Very few girls in America have the desire to wear modest clothing. Even the Christian girls wear tight jeans, strapless dresses, mini skirts, bikini, and so on. Girls don't realize what a stumbling block they can cause by "simply" showing cleavage. Though some do realize it, and do it anyway.

I knew a girl who was overweight, and was so ashamed of it that she started to wear the most immodest clothing. I thought since she was overweight she would do the exact opposite, but no. She said that with her weight she could never "catch" a guy, but with her defrauding clothing it made her feel more confident about herself. And that's how some Christian girls are like, the rest of the world is wearing this, so why can't they?

We now have a rule in our house that the movies we watch must be approved by a woman first. Because most movies are made for men, and so who knows what attire the women will be wearing! That's why our collection of movies is a very poor number. And its all so sad, because there has been some good movies, that men would never be allowed to see with a clear conscious. Okay, I'm going correct myself, the movies with immodesty are not good.

I like to think that when I'm wearing an outfit that is cute while still remaining modest, I'm being an example to those who are Christians, and yet are still wearing things that are eye-traps.