Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been awarded!

One is from Merilwen, and the other from EchoOfMercy. Thank you both very much.

NOTE: I have received your comments on the picture game, but I am not going to publish them yet, because I do not want anyone to copy answers from someone else.

Lady of Light, I was so excited to see your comment! I went shouting to my sister "The Lady of Light commented on my blog!" I love seeing all your different reviews, and I know you are very quick to defend LotR, so I look for your writings wherever I can. Hope you comment more often!


Eärwen said...

Woohoo!:)Hey, you're calling your blog The Shieldmaiden! :)
Sounds familiar...

Eärwen said...

Le suilon, mellon-nin! Pedich Edhellon? Im pedich el. :)
Don't worry about it!
It's kind of my nickname, too! Isn't that funny!?
Namarie! Noro go hul, bado go Eru!
Lady Ëarwen Harethgalad

Bekah said...

You don't mind if I follow it, do you? lol just making sure :D